Pigeon Phat at Passovah Summer Fest 2014

Passovah event info

Here’s our interview with Noah Bick for the fest: http://passovah.com/festival2014/interview-pigeon-phat/

Event Info:

Passovah Summer Music Festival Proudly Presents….

Le Festival d’été Passovah présente….

19:00 – Portes
20:00 – Harvest Soon – http://harvestsoon.bandcamp.com/
20:30- Pang Attack – http://pangattack.bandcamp.com/
21:00 – Max Henry (mem. Suuns)
21:30 – kurvi tasch – http://kurvitasch.bandcamp.com/
22:00 – Pigeon Phat
22:30 – Jenny Birkel – http://jennyberkel.bandcamp.com/
23:00 – Athens –
23:30 – Saxsyndrum – http://saxsyndrum.bandcamp.com/
0:00 – Inside Touch (mem. Miracle Fortress and Think about Life) –https://soundcloud.com/inside-touch

Throughout the Night – DJ Future Shark (mem. Da Gryptions)

@ Cabaret Piccolo Rialto (5723 Avenue du Parc)

—english below—-

Cet évènement est basé sur vos contributions volontaires avec une suggestion de 5 $ à 25 $ (à la porte – aucun billet ne sera vendu à l’avance). Nous encourageons que vos contributions soient aussi généreuses que possible.

Le Festival d’été Passovah est un évènement annuel qui encourage, appui et célèbre les talents locaux.

Des t-shirts Passovah seront en vente tout au cours du festival – de quoi se réjouir!

Nous sommes fiers de présenter une compilation qui met en vedette plusieurs des artistes du festival. Cet album est distribué par la superbe maison de disque locale Villa Villa Nola. Les profits seront versés à une bourse créée en hommage à Ange-Aimée Woods, une amie de la scène locale qui est subitement décédée il y a quelques semaines.

Pour toute autre information sur le programme du festival, veuillez consulter www.passovah.com/festival2014

Pour en connaître davantage sur les nombreux évènements organisés par Passovah au cours de l’année, consultez www.passovah.com

This event is PWYC at the door (no advance tickets) with attendees paying between $5 and $25 open entry. Guests are strongly encouraged to donate as much as they can.

Passovah Summer Fest is an annual event that promotes, fosters and celebrates local talent.

Passovah Fest t-shirts will be sold throughout the festival. Get excited about that!

We are proud to present a compilation featuring many of the artists playing the festival. The compilation is being distributed by the fantastic local label Villa Villa Nola. All proceeds will go towards the Ange-Aimée Woods Memorial Bursary. Ange-Aimée passed away suddenly a few weeks ago and was a friend of many folks involved in the local scene

MORE INFO ON THE FEST —> http://www.passovah.com/festival2014

For info on Passovah’s year round events please check outwww.passovah.com

Pigeon KISS t-shirt (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Pigeon KISS t-shirt (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Our new mantra Keep It Simple Stupid.


Pigeon Phat at Spring POP

Pigeon Phat at Spring POP

Think of the children, people. Photo by @popmontreal

Pigeon Phat live at Spring Pop June 2, 2013 FREE

BREAKING: Montreal, QC. Pigeon Phat has been officially added to the Spring Pop line up for the June 2, 2013 event. The outdoor show will be held at Place de la gare Jean-Talon (or better known as in front of Loblaws).

There will be fun for the whole family. For more info visit http://www.popmontreal.com

It has also been rumoured that the band is also working on a new t-shirt design for the gig although this reporter can not confirm it at this time. We have been shown a video by Pigeon Phat insiders that shows Aaron Seligman sitting back in a chair with his shirt open talking belligerently about a t-shirt concept. We weren’t given the video but told that we could buy it for $15, we are currently working on that to bring you the truth.

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We guest host Twee Time on CJLO

Thank you to Steph for having us on Twee Time. We really had a blast and would love to do it again.
We co-hosted Twee Time on CJLO

Steph, the host of Twee Time

from Twee Time’s five-day festival recap

Read the full article here=

“After the first couple of bands at Le Divan Orange finished their sets, I said to my friend that I thought their music was alright, but what I really needed was to see and hear something different, something special. Well, the Universe always says “Yes!”, and what I wanted I got with a bullet when Aaron Seligman began singing about how we should love each other, and to make our dreams come true. These are things I’ve always believed in! Pigeon Phat’s performance was like the Polyphonic Spree, but Montreal-style: harder and in-your-face. The band filled the room with so much energy and happiness, I wish I could rewind and experience that moment in time once more.”

Stephanie was born in the 1970s, became a child of the 1980s, reached adulthood in the 1990s, and refuses to grow up in the new millennium. Above all else she loves MUSIC and moonlights as a DJ every Friday to host a little radio show on CJLO called “Twee Time” (8-9PM EST). She also plays guitar and sings very badly, but with enough practice our little spinster will be a rock star before she starts shrinking at the ripe old age of 80.

Stephanie Pastel hosts Twee Time on Fridays 8-9pm on CJLO 1690 AM in Montréal